Our Team and Research

Our team consists of over 70 thought leaders, successful serial entrepreneurs, and specialists from around the world. We draw on a peak performance database with more than one million leaders, founders, elite performers and teams. We emphasize scientifically based insights, ultra-practical tools, counterintuitive wisdom, and disciplined metrics. We explore and test leading-edge discoveries from thousands of researchers focused on how the best leaders, professionals and teams learn, make breakthroughs and achieve bigger goals sooner—and how these breakthroughs transform them, their organizations and the larger world.

Each year for over two decades we have conducted in-depth research on a different group of 12 hand-picked leaders committed to setting records and transforming their industry or field by making the “impossible” possible. Obviously, each of these leaders has very big goals backed by the drive to create or discover the best ways to turn them into reality. As we work closely with them we gain a rare view into how these leaders—with widely varied backgrounds, talents, resources and teams—face and work around all kinds of obstacles, doubts, surprises, challenges, stumbles, and setbacks.

Our Founders

Robert Cooper is a neuroscientist, leadership advisor, New York Times bestselling author (with over 4 million books sold), and founder of the acclaimed 12 Leaders® program. He is CEO of Cooper Strategic, a global consulting firm with a long history of working with elite performers and top leaders using neuroscience to get the most out of their brains, their time, and their performance. His neuroscience teachings have drawn millions of readers, listeners and fans. His iTunes podcast is Upwire®—Hacking Human Nature™.

Called “a national treasure” by Professor Emeritus Michael Ray, Ph.D., of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Cooper emphasizes scientifically based insights, ultra-practical tools, counterintuitive wisdom, and disciplined metrics. From industry nominations, experts, and an independent panel of judges interviewing CEOs, Cooper was named one of the “Most Influential Thinkers” for his impact on leadership and people strategy. The Global Senior Management Interchange rated his work’s value at 4.9 of 5.0.

He currently advises a hand-picked group of breakthrough leaders and rising-star companies while conducting global research as part of a second Ph.D. at University College London, ranked #1 in the world in leadership education and social sciences research by the QS World University Rankings. Business leaders, top thinkers, and everyday readers and listeners have used words like “inspirational,” “extraordinary,” “cutting edge,” and “life-changing” to describe the impact and enduring value of his work. Robert and his wife, Leslie, have two daughters.

Leslie Cooper is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Cooper Strategic, Cooper Neuroscience Lab, and the 12 Leaders® program. She has designed and led global initiatives and seminars for leaders and spouses in a number of prominent companies. Leslie specializes in drawing together leading edge, proven insights on work-life balance, personal energy, health and wellness. She is leading a team of specialists in the design and development of a high-performance app for optimizing daily energy, focus and well-being. Her background includes studies at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City and Colorado University, Boulder, with focuses on entrepreneurial design, business management, health and performance sciences and accelerated growth of new brands. Leslie is also a widely acclaimed authority on high-energy living for leaders, entrepreneurs and super-busy families. Books with her insights and recipes have sold more than three million copies and appeared on major bestseller lists. They include The Health & Fitness Excellence Cookbook, America’s New Low-Fat Cuisine, Low-Fat Living, Low-Fat Living Cookbook, High-Energy Living, Flip the Switch-Lose the Weight and Cuisine7. Leslie and her husband, Robert, have two daughters.