Robert Cooper

“Robert Cooper is a national treasure”

Michael Ray, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Robert Cooper has addressed an average of over 200,000 people each year over the past decade at corporate and public events around the world. Hosting a Robert Cooper keynote is one of the best ways to build awareness, inspiration, and ultrapractical new skills in your organization.


We design and teach leading-edge programs offered nowhere else, including:

Globally recognized business expert and celebrated neuroscientist Robert Cooper, Ph. D. presents:

A practical compressed-knowledge course based on leading neuroscience and global research

Smallest Changes, Biggest Impact

Cooper Clients

When you feel you’ve tapped the limits of your organization’s potential, we’re here to show you that your capacity for excellence is beyond what you ever thought possible.

We teach leaders, professionals, and teams to re-wire their brains; break through the previously unrecognized boundaries that hold them back; turn strategy into simple, sustained execution; and unlock their full capacity for accelerated growth.

Our neuroscience-based approach provides ultrapractical tools and counterintuitive wisdom that shows you how to break down the barriers and enables “impossible” breakthroughs.

We provide our customized consulting and programs on-site for senior leaders, large teams, and organizations, or online for individuals and small teams. Learn more about our consulting team, our approach and our pricing, or call us directly to discuss your organization’s strategic consulting needs.


Insight Hour

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Robert Cooper is one of the world's most trusted advisors to industry-leading executives, rising star start-up founders and elite professionals who are setting records at the leading edge of their fields and industries.

He developed the most measurably impactful and streamlined executive coaching process while working with top CEOs and organizations like The Coca-Cola Company, Barclays, BSB Design, Deloitte, and 3M.